SW1X PSU I Power Supply

SW1X Audio Design™ PSU I Performance level 1 Power Supply


Linear power supply made with the with finest quality components and materials for the SW1X UMS I Music Server, other music servers or any device requiring highest quality of power


  • wired with specially selected silver and copper conductors from mains input to DC output
  • zero over-engineering, elegant circuit design (there are only 2 diodes and 3 transistors)
  • linear voltage regulation is based on one of the finest sounding Toshiba (Made in Japan) power transistor (used only in best possible power supplies for transistor based power amps)
  • every component is at least 2 x over-specified
  • the heart of the power supply is 200 VA EI mains transformer
  • minimum 30 000 uF filtering Capacitance using finest audio capacitors
  • adjustable regulated output 3- 19V of up to 15A RMS current handling
  • Specially selected and harmonically matched component & material quality


The design objective was to build a non compromise power supply using the finest audio components and most elegantly simple circuit design.
The heart of the PSU I is EI cored 200VA mains transformer, which is at least 2 x over-specified for most applications. Larger cored transformers tend also to sound fuller and bigger relative to smaller cores. Everything (including mains inlet) is wired inside using solid silver wires of different gauges.  We have been fine tuning the sound of PSU I in order to preserve maximum amount of bass fullness as found in older CD player with CDM1 pick up mechanisms.

The circuit design is pretty elegant minimalist consisting of only 2 diodes and 3 transistors. It is voltage regulated based on series NPN Toshiba (made in Japan) transistor, which is normally used in high end audio, high power transistor amplifiers. Everything is over- specified- the whole chassis acts as a heat sink. The output impedance is low as it could be for series regulator standards.

Nothing was left to chance as every material and everything counts in audio power supplies. We can assure anybody that the R&D effort proved to be worth every penny as the sound is now pretty much as analogue (I would say more analogue and thicker sounding than the stock versions) of those vintage Philips and Marantz CD players from late 80s.



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