SW1X Audio Design™ USB II Performance Level 2 USB to SPDIF Converter


SW1X Audio Design™ USB II is a USB to SPDIF converter with all HV valve rectified CLC power supplies for the EC88 valve master clock and E86C valve SPDIF output stage.

It is similar to USB I Signature but in addition to that employs 6X5GT valve rectified and choke filtered power supplies for the E86C valve.




SW1X Audio Design™ USB II Interface Features:

  • Specially selected and harmonically matched component & material quality
  • Master clock is based on low noise EC88 triode tube powered by a separate transformer and is output transformer de-coupled from the rest of the circuit
  • Power supply of valve master clock is valve rectified and choke filtered (CLC)
  • Custom Shunt regulated power supply based on a Germanium transistor for the USB/SPDIF receiver/transmitter
  • 3 separate power transformers: one for the master clock and one for the USB receiver and one for tube S/PDIF digital signal output stage
  • E86C tube buffered S/PDIF output stage (choke filtered) with 6X5GT valve rectified CLC power supply
  • Finest high end audio components everywhere: Black Gate, Kaisei capacitors, Telefunken diodes, Allen-Bradley carbon resistors, pure silver wire and silver plated RCA connectors
  • Plug’n’Play with USB OTG- no drivers required for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android operating systems (works with Samsung Galaxy and Android TV box, iPad 3)
  • Asynchronous USB data transfer mode (sounds best with a dedicated, unpowered USB interconnect such as SW1X AERO 5 USB)
  • Bit perfect data transfer with Kernel streaming, ASIO and WASAPI supported
  • Resolution 16/24 bit, 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz (higher resolution than 24 bit is not supported by S/PDIF anyway)
  • 110/115/230/240V AC mains transformers


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