SW1X UMS I Universal Music Server

SW1X Audio Design™ UMS I Performance Level 1 Universal Music Server


UMS I music server in combination with SW1X PSU I power supplies is the ideal partner to SW1X Audio Design™ USB I converter, resulting in a digital transport with an analogue sounding character.

A sound of a DAC is only as good as the digital transport is. The key to an analogue sound of a digital transport or any audio product is the quality of the power supplies.

Therefore, we have taken a radical approach in designing  SW1X PSU I power supplies as if we designed an audio power amplifier- using only the finest materials and most elegant circuit design.


The UMS I music server can be used as a standalone local music server or as a network streamer.

UMS I could be connected to a network and/or can operate on its own over a WiFi hot spot.

A control of its functions is exercised over a touchscreen such as a tablet or a smartphone.


SW1X Audio DesignTM UMS I Features:


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SW1X UMS 1 + PSU 1 + USB 1 = ultimate digital transport with an analogue character


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