SW1X Audio Design™ bespoke Upgrade, custom Modification, Repair and Restoration Service for Audio Equipment





Does your audio system sound great but you feel it can sound better?


SW1X Audio Design™ bespoke upgrade service offers your equipment a new lease of life. Very few products on the market can be considered to be truly without compromise. Some manufacturers do not recognise the significance of components and material quality, some are more concerned with profit making rather than the quality of sound but in many cases it is simply due to budgetary constraints. In most cases your audio equipment with a good design can sound much better by replacing low cost internal components to higher quality and better sounding ones.

With a SW1X Audio Design™ bespoke upgrade you will get an enhancement which is carefully considered to give you the greatest improvement for the budget. We achieve this without unbalancing the resultant quality of sound by using the best and finest parts available.

We will consider updating any equipment you have and prefer to work with products that are compatible with our philosophy, such as valve designs, non-oversampling digital sources and efficient speakers. We work with components as diverse as cartridges and CD transports, so feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you. Nothing is too extreme, we will honestly appraise the suitability of a product for treatment.

We advise and perform upgrades and modifications to audio equipment, specialising in, but not limited to, valve based designs. We improve sonic performance of the following devices:

• CD Players/CD Transports (specialising in Marantz/ Philips)
• Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs)
• Power Supplies
• Pre/Headphone/Power Amplifiers
• Speakers and cross-overs

SW1X Audio Design™ offers sound improvement service on 3 levels:

Level 1: replace low quality parts inside your equipment with higher quality ones
Level 2: replace parts and modify original circuit by just simplifying it
Level 3: replace, improve and optimise original circuit by adding or changing to higher quality materials and components

Naturally these modifications may not be approved by the original manufacturer, and may invalidate their warranty, however in some cases the warranty expired already, in others we are able to take on any remaining warranty (please ask us for details) and of course we fully guarantee all the work that we do.

Some of the upgrades we perform routinely:

• Capacitors, resistors, inductors, conductors, transformer upgrades
• Tube output stage installation for digital and analogue circuits
• Master clock upgrades
• Internal rewiring with any type of wire
• NOS non-oversampling modification
• Series regulator to shunt type regulator replacement
• Tube heater rewiring and re-biasing
• Diverse amplifier conversions
• Speaker restoration
• Driver replacement
• Cross-over rewiring


Should you need advice or have a proposition, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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