SW1X Phono AERO Interconnect

SW1X Audio Design™ Phono AERO 6/10/14 series of Silver Phono/RCA Interconnects


The SW1X Audio Design™ Phono AERO 10 & 14 cables redefine much of what cables are supposed to do. The clarity, energy and the dynamics almost defy what one would have thought possible.  SW1X AERO performance level 3 cables are guaranteed to outperform any cables design irrespective of material, brand or price level.


  • offered in two version: without and with a copper screen (for phono applications with shield disconnected from both ends)
  • AERO cables offer the lowest possible capacitance, inductance and resistance on the market
  • The conductors are made of three different Silver materials: 99.99% pure Fine Silver, Sterling Silver and Britannia Silver
  • All conductors are combined like strings in a string instrument, precision cut and equal in length
  • The total number of individually insulated solid silver conductors is 6/10/14
  • All conductors are suspended in air (hence the name AERO)
  • All AERO Silver cables share the unique construction, which enhances the signal transfer performance derived from numerous experiments, testing and audition
  • AERO cables may look ordinary but they are extraordinary in terms of performance
  • Hand made only, in England


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