SW1X Power AERO Silver mains cable

SW1X Power AERO 7/11/15 series of Silver Mains cables

The highest performance, non-compromise and cost not objective cable we can currently offer. Power AERO mains cables employ only silver in its conductors. Defying any logical explanation, properly designed mains cables made of silver conductors make a huge difference of how music is portrayed. The difference can be as huge as if one swapped a copper conductor based interconnect to an interconnect made of fine silver. Nothing comes close to the conductive quality of Power AERO mains line of cables.


  • SW1X Power AERO 7/11/15 Ag 99.99% is the new reference Silver mains cable
  • All AERO Silver cables share the unique impedance matching construction, which optimises the signal transfer performance
  • Power AERO cable offers the lowest possible capacitance, inductance and resistance
  • Each conductor is treated like a string in a string instrument, precision cut and equal in length
  • The total number of individually insulated solid silver conductors is 7/11/15
  • All conductors are silver soldered to the plug pins (see pics)


How could possibly a silver conductor mains cable make a difference? Please click here

One can expect following transformation in sound:

Sound stage – becomes holographic and the speakers disappear

Frequency response – more extension in the treble and more bass, more magic in the mids

Dynamics – everything sounds more immediate

Resolution – low level musical information you never heard before




You may feel the SW1X Power AERO mains cables carry a relatively high price tag, but some perceptive audiophiles do not think twice about spending similar or larger amounts on silver interconnect cables. Well, silver mains cables are just as important. Upgrading with SW1X Power AERO mains cables bring at least as much improvement to the sound quality as a high performance silver interconnect would. We offer a no-quibble money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the promised results.

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