SW1X USB AERO Silver Interconnect

SW1X Audio Design™ USB AERO 5/7 series of Silver USB Interconnect

  • offered in 2 version: 5V powered and unpowered
  • SW1X AD AERO 5/7 unpowered is the new reference Silver cable for the DIGITAL USB signal transmission for the ASYNCHRONOUS, self powered USB devices
  • AERO cables offer the lowest possible capacitance, inductance and resistance on the market
  • The conductors are made of two different Silver materials: 99.99% Fine Silver and 92.5% Sterling Silver
  • Each conductor is chosen for its conductive and sonic properties, optimised for high frequency signal transmission without 5 Volt USB power connection (for better sound)
  • All conductors are combined like strings in a string instrument, precision cut and equal in length
  • The total number of individually insulated solid silver conductors is 5/7
  • All conductors are suspended in air (hence the name AERO)
  • All AERO Silver cables share the unique construction, which enhances the signal transfer performance derived from numerous experiments, testing and audition
  • AERO cables may look ordinary but they are extraordinary in terms of performance
  • Hand made only, in England


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What you will hear:

Significant increase in resolution – you will hear details never heard before

Larger and deeper than ever soundstage – the speakers disappear from the room, everything becomes holographic

Shocking extension of frequency response – more treble and bass, more magic in the mids

Significant increase in dynamics – music sounds more immediate and sudden sounds are more scary, sound radiates energy

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