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What a long strange trip it’s been. When I first embarked on my digital audio journey I opted for DACs with all the bells and whistles, all the features and every possible hardware connection. And over what has been easily more than a dozen DACs each from different manufacturers, I realised that finding the sound with which I could be happy should be my primary concern and then everything would fall into place.
My present SW1X gear as pictured: SW1X DAC II and SW1X LPU 1. If someone had told me that some 10 years later my everyday DAC would connect to my digital source via an RCA Coaxial cable and play files at a maximum of 24-bit/96 kHz resolution, I would have laughed at them mercilessly. Still, now I have to admit, I’ve never been happier listening to music from my digital library, so much so that I doubled down and got the LPU I phone stage to cover all my bases.
I decided to go with SW1X because once I heard them at someone’s in London, England, I knew I had to know more so I travelled out to SW1X HQ and interviewed its founder/designer Slaw Roschkow. That interview has been posted in the group several times. Having visited Slawa and learning more about his design philosophy and dedication to making gear that delivers the utmost in playback and sound reproduction, I was sold right then and there.


I ordered the DAC3 SPX from the Dutch distributor, Callas Audio. I have been friends with Callas for 15 years, but that is not the reason for the purchase.
The DAC3 SPX will replace my Lampizator Amber 4 DAC.
The reason for the switch is not that I don’t like the Lampizator. It is a good and musical DAC, which sounds relaxing.
The SW1X DAC3 SPX is in a different league. To begin with, I find the build quality of the SW1X DACs to be of a much higher level. The internal finish and components really caught my eye. I’m not going to bring Lampizator down here, but it’s my opinion based on what I’ve seen from the inside.
When I opened up my Amber 4 for tube rolling I was a bit shocked. The soldering and how the cabling is pulled too tight by tie wraps. I think it looks like a DIY project. It says nothing about the sound, but I see very big differences between the two brands in the way of building.
I want to emphasize that this is my opinion and I say this because it has been the reason for me to look at a new DAC with, in my opinion, a higher build quality.
When I have the SW1X in my setup in two months and it’s broken in, I’ll share the differences based on my opinion and my set.
A short update and mini review from Amsterdam. I have now received the DAC3 SPX.
Unpacking was a party.
The D3 is luxuriously finished with beautiful materials. It hurts to hide the D3 in the rack, because it’s too beautiful.
I let the D3 burn in for three days with no signal. The last two days only left on at night and turned off during the day. I have now listened to some hours of music.
I had expected a heavy break-in period, but after a few hours the D3 starts to play very nicely. The very first thing that strikes me is the musicality. It is balanced over the entire frequency range. Round and full tones from bottom to top. The Lampizator Amber 4 had more aggression in it. The midrange was slightly behind compared to the lows and highs. Clearly more gain and push in the sound. It sounds heavier than it was, but there is clearly a big difference between the two.
I can’t fully judge the D3 yet, but my experience is that this will only get better and the D3 will show very special things. The combination SW1X D3, CEC TL5 and Hijiri cabling works incredibly well. The balance between the components is magical and musical.
I will share more later, but it is clear that SW1X build a very special DAC that just play music in a smooth relaxed way without it becoming boring or too romantic. Clarity and detailing is sufficient without dominating.
My compliments to the UK.


SW1X Audio Design DAC III balanced S

To whomever might be interested in auditioning a SW1X Audio Design dac, I would highly recommend you do so. I have been involved in better audio gear for over 45 years and was convinced that vinyl and R-R was the only way to go. It has been a roller coaster of a ride but a great learning and fun experience.

I received a DAC III balanced S from Dr. Slawa Roschkow a little over 2 months ago. It took at least 2 weeks to properly start breaking in (in my experience, even after a month it got better). This Dac has been an absolute revelation in all the “I can’t believe what I am hearing” ways. You know how when you get a new piece of gear and you start testing out your best music tracks so that when friends come over to listen you play the stuff you know will knock them out? Well, with this DAC it seems like a great majority of my music is now amazing. The demo cuts are now endless! Low level information is superb. Tonal colors are just correct. I now have a technicolor palette of timbres that absolutely draw me in with the variations. There is a continuity or flow that is seamless between and beyond the left and right speakers. This is not happening in typical hi fi ways. A piano sounds like a large instrument in my rather small room. The woody resonance of the piano just flows and the notes seem to linger all around me like the real thing. There is real life to the playback! Normally cymbals on digital playback systems always sound terrible to me. The clarity, sheen, delicacy and air around them is like the real thing. It’s what I heard years ago on Koetsu cartridges. Vocals, whether male or female are so natural and they just are the correct size (there is a throat, chest, and body anchored to the floor. It is palpable). Intonation and tone of vocals is to die for! Bass speed, slam, and definition, if system allows for it will have you hearing stuff you never knew your system was capable of.

Again, if you have a system that can do all the so called “audiophile stuff” well, then you are in for a treat. When we talk about “black background”, this DAC takes it to another level. The sense of front to back depth is also exceptional, if of course it’s in the recording. You know you have found something extraordinary when all you want to do is find new music to listen to. I have been guilty of being hyper critical of all the many systems I have owned over the years, but now I just sit and relax into the performances in front of me.

If you enjoy opening up your gear to see how it is built, you will be blown away by the precision, quality of parts and workmanship. It is a true work of art!

SW1X DAC’s were designed by a man who truly has a phenomenal ear for music. I have spoken to Dr. Roschkow many times, and his knowledge, insight and passion has always been evident. He is designing musical gear for true music lovers.

My system:

Custom made back horn loaded cabinets (similar to Utopia “Family King” cabinets that are made in Japan for the last 30 years) made out of Baltic Birch and weigh 280 lbs. each that house Tannoy HPD385/8 drivers with my own custom built outboard hardwired crossover using high quality caps and resistors and wires)

Original Marantz model 7 preamp with 6 NOS telefunken 12AX7

Original Marantz model 9 mono blocs with NOS input and driver tubes and new Genalex Gold Lion KT77 output tubes.

Interconnects are the new SW1X reference cables and the new SW1X coax digital

Speaker cables are custom home brew Duelund cables

Turntable  Heybrook TT2 with Helius tonearm with Denon 103 and a 25 year old VPI. Both of these will be replaced in future.

A Cambridge Audio 840C used as a transport. This is also a work in progress to find the right transport.

Streamer is still a work in progress-looking for suggestions

I have a feeling that I will have more SW1X gear in the future.

To be continued, I have to now listen to some music….



Listening to the Same DAC in my system with Wywire top of the line Diamond Interconnects & Wywire top of the line Daedalus Speaker cables , this is an amazing DAC for the price very musical, Big Dynamics. massive gain, Vocals sound as if the musicians are right in front of you , the unit seems to have a very sensitive power supply over all one of the best I have heard at any price point .



Having just had my 1st few days in over a year of listening without your DAC. I wanted to again say thank you for making beautiful DACs. It is simply not the same to listen with anything less!



My upgraded SW1X DAC III+ has just arrived!  :banana piano: :hyper: :dance:

It has been unboxed; plugged in, and connected to my gear. It was cold outside, so the inside guts may need a little time to warm up. I’ll post a little later tonight and include a couple new photographs.


~two hours of warming……superb….3D….Charles Mingus “Boogie Shop Shuffle” playing….amazing…..My wife screaming from her upstairs office, “No parties during Covid-19! Everyone out of the house now!”….. 8)

The last two months of music was mostly through my still trusty Tranquility SE DAC, but, man, this is a totally different animal. The Tranquility will go back to headphone amp duty.


How to describe my renewed joy of music? This morning has been devoted to acoustic guitar. It’s luscious sounding – the timbre is palpable; the decay gently fades after each stoke and pluck. I’m really at a loss for words.
If we were sitting down together listening to music, I could point out all the different sounds I hear. I need a musician to teach me the correct vocabulary in order that I can better describe my experience.
My DAC III is the best part of my audio system. I’m already planning to get better speakers to take better advantage of what my DAC III provides.
Stunning…delicious…musical…clear…personal [Is it odd to say ‘personal’?] The guitarist is sitting across from me delighting in my delightful smiles. I guess that’s personal. Fortunately, my wife hasn’t become jealous. Even she can hear how great the music is – and she has a very limited repertoire of music she prefers.
How’s that for my thoughts?



I am not a huge contributor to this Board with maybe a dozen posts, likely less. I used to be a regular on AudioAsylum dating back to ’95 or so and then on A-Gon forums. I live in Columbus OH, am a lawyer, and have zero connections to the audio industry.
So with that out of the way, my custom SW1X arrived ten days ago-the model in the subject line ordered through Joe Cohen of Lotus Group. Photos of my system are attached. As you can see, I like to swap out the DeVores with a pair of Spendor D7.2’s every six months because I love both, and they play to different strengths. That said, I am not sure I need the strengths of the Spendors any more but I am getting ahead of myself. I grew up as a kid in the 70’s with a high-end system in the house and my dad’s friends all had hi-fi systems too. It was more prevalent back then for educated middle class households. Within a week of my being born my dad bought a Thorens TD124 and an SME 3009 arm and that TD124, rebuilt and modified, is my system today. I bought my first pretty decent system when I was a senior in high school in 1977.
The SW1X went into my system in place of a perfectly functional Abbingdon Music Research DP777 I bought new about seven years ago. My music is stored to the internal hard drive of an Aurender N100H and my USB cable is a WW Starlight Platinum 7. 95% of my digital files were burned from CD with the rest being so called high definition downloads from HDTracks.
I am here to to tell you that the SW1X made a more significant change to my digital playback than any previous upgrade or change.
After four and half days of constant play, I settled in to listen.
What struck me first-for the first time since getting floorstanders in place of B&W 805 standmounts-was soundstage depth, width, and height all expanded, with instruments and voices clearly localized.
Second, the music sounded more forceful and fluid, with more meat to the bones.
XTC’s “Nonsuch” is not well-recorded. It is bright, brittle, and dry. For the very first time in my system, the opening track “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead” sounded truly rewarding/satisfying. Ambient cues in the first five seconds of the intro were vivid and startling-I had not heard them clearly before. Andy Partridge’s voice sounded real for the first time-I could hear his chestiness for the first time. The previous grating glare was of the recording was completely gone. Kenny Burrell’s Midnight Blue and the cut “Mule” displayed new touch and tone to the prominent bass in the intro that I had not heard previously. The same album’s “Wavy Gravy” now featured bite to the guitar not heard before and there was newfound depth and space. Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage gave me goosebumps with touch to the piano not heard before, shimmer to the cymbals not previously heard and a minute thirty into the track the sax that comes from the left was startling in it’s immediacy-the microdynamics and macrodynamics are unprecedented-at least as far as my system experience goes.
And for bass, I listened to a little known gem, Black Grape’s It’s Great When You’re Straight-Yeah and the opening rowdy track “Reverend Black Grape” which now demonstrated a level of propulsive funk, tone, and 3-D space to the overall presentation not present before the swap of DAC.
Do I have any negatives at all? Well, I find it necessary to adjust the volume much more frequently than in the past. I believe this is due to more dynamic range though I am hard-pressed to explain the phenomenon. And one little nit with the internal USB to SPDIF converter-due to it being tube based, when powering up the DAC II Special I have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable on one end or the other about sixty seconds after the DAC has warmed up before the Aurender and the DAC II Special can “shake hands” with each other. Other than those two minor things, my only cavil is that the pleasure the DAC II has given me forces me to think about an audition of a customized DAC III. And last, Joe has been absolutely great to work with. I could not ask for more from him. Slawa too has been great to exchange messages with. I don’t know that I understand much of what he has to say, but I sure trust that he is onto something many of the rest of us have trouble grasping.




While we were trying to solve the issue, I had a chance finally to get it here to listen to. So I have a good fix on its sound which by any standard would range from very good to excellent. Then when I got the DAC II Special into the system yesterday I was able to get a very good fix on the difference in sound, and it is substantial. The Special has way more resolution and musicality. It had me seriously tapping my foot and involuntarily moving my body during a number of cuts. So the original plan was for Marty to photograph and pack up his dCS gear and listen to the DAC II until his DAC V arrived assuming the DAC II would at least be generally listenable, which was, for a time, in question. That way we would get a jump on selling the dCS. When he hooked the DAC II back up in the new configuration last night he was able to simultaneously use the balanced output from his dCS and switch back and forth between DACs in real time with the preamp remote. He reports that they are about sonically equal except that the dCS might be slightly warmer. BUT…He was using a cheap RCA SPDIF cable in and cheap RCA cables going out of the DAC II to the pre and he’s using is our top of the line PranaWire Nirvana ICs and AES/EBU to his dCS system. I am using the same Nirvana IC here. Just to test, I listened to a lesser cable going into my preamp and the differences were prodigious. So this wasn’t even a fair test to the DAC II. He reports, the $3275 DAC II Standard using a cheap interconnect is more or less the equal of the $80,000 + three box dCS Vivaldi stack using a world class IC and input cable. I have no doubt that with the Nirvana ICs that the DAC II would prevail by a wide margin, and the DAC II Special easily outshines the Standard that he is comparing to the dCS stack. That’s the real .



First listen to the SW1X DAC II Standard at Chez Lotus. It is astonishing to me that this DAC, one step removed from entry level, can produce this quality of sound. Great punch, layering, delicate resolve, air and depth, localization of instruments in space. It has yet to be optimized. Oh, and did I mention the tuneful and powerful bass? We have had $80,000 digital front ends in our reference system that did not come close to this sound. That’s how good this is! Amazing!


This day to wait..
The digital and analog sound quality issue must be debated for long, endlessly and debated.
The heart of the digital system affecting the sound quality is D / A converter. And the heart of D / A converter is a processed chip for the world’s big chip manufacturers. Whether it’s akm or wolfson, the high-end stereo market is considered. A very small market. Compared to produce millions of chips, all producers look at consumer market, and the most important thing is trying to lower their production costs. We might be shocked to know that these tops are just a few bucks and it’s important to try to reduce production costs. The main market of these chips is the mobile market. All chips are simply structured in delta sigma. 1 bit or chip sabers top. Working at only 7 bit level.
On the contrary, the first generation D / A converter chips such as PCM 56 K, PCM 63 K, TDA1541 is reversed with complex structures, high quality, meticulously manufactured and functioning in 16 bit, authentic and sure. That these chips have high production costs. Above all else, the sound quality that the current chip is unmatched.
Today’s D / A converter manufacturers are divided into 2 groups. 2 guidelines as well. The first group is a big group of over 90 % producer who focuses on technology and uses the latest chip in the latest. The 2th group production, which is a few producers, focuses on the matter of sound quality. The core of from England is one of these groups. It’s one of the most interested in sound quality.
The DAC II Special from SW1X provides an analog sound, a magnificent sound stage, dynamic, virtual reality of listening to live music. The sound is slippery. The music is very high, difficult to find from the common D / A converter in the era.

was using the attenuated output, I forgot about the other one, I switched it today WHAT A DIFFERENCE! This is a fantastic DAC! the attenuation completely kills it, yes you can raise the volume but it won´t sound nearly as good and I just went full wolume on a 250 watt amp and didn´t really scare me with the volume. I don´t know if you did this just for his system or is it something that comes on all Standard DACs ?
This is a killer DAC, there is something just so right with it….


Thanks for letting me participate! Your product is exceptional to say the least…smoked my AN 4.1 Ltd.



Review of the SW1X DAC 3 STD

I often ask myself why we love going to Concerts when, as the Hi Fi gets better and better, there is less to gain.

The answer is emotion. Just hearing the artist on the sound systems at concert venues is not always enough and we supplement this by seeing facial expressions etc. to achieve the full benefit of talent and performance, whether it be happy, sad, stirring or dance inducing.

Back at home we loose 50% of the performance. Gone is the visual side of it and we become reliant on the Hi Fi system to convey emotion. Its not that difficult to find a system that gives bass, treble, imaging, dynamics, separation of instruments etc., etc. These are all the things that we aspire to as we climb the ladder of improvements. But, to find components that convey emotion are rare indeed and the irony is that when we find it the other measures fade into the background.

As a youth I loved the Beatles, all those emotive tunes, surfing on a mix of adrenalin and hormones. In middle age I started to add Beatles albums to my collection and arrived at 13 CDs. They are good, and remind me of former times, but I was never moved emotionally as I had been in my youth. It was somewhat disappointing and I satisfied myself with the conclusion that its an inevitable effect of old age, after all adrenalin takes a bit to get going and hormones are consigned to memory.

Many will know I am a strong advocate of the kit that Slawa sells at SW1X, in particular his DACs. And as finances allow I have slowly upgraded through the various levels arriving now at the DAC 3 STD.

There’s not much to say apart from the fact it conveys emotion in a way I have never heard. In the last few evenings Beatle’s albums have been played and enjoyed, in close order, like never before

I have at present an early prototype and Slawa assures me the latest incarnation is better still. I have heard it at his place and he is right.



I have to tell you, now that the dac is fully broken in, I am able to fully appreciate and enjoy it more than I ever thought I would. You did a great job and it sounds fantastic. There’s not a day that goes by where I’m not in my listening room with a cup of coffee and a few cd’s. Congratulations on your designs.


Take care and stay safe.




Anyway, I am really liking the SW1X Dac 3 Signature. I think it is slowly burning in and sounding really good. It is in my main system in my demo room. Music is from a server with 32tb HD (34,000 cd files) fed to Lumin U1 Mini which feeds the Dac3 Sig via SPDif. Rest of the system is PS Audio BHK pre, PS Audio BHK300 monos and Magico S7. I am directly comparing the Dac3 Sig to my Lumin X1.. both are very good performers, but I think Sw1X is more musical, has a bigger soundstage and more organic sounding. I like it a lot.



Dr. Slawa,

I have been eager to contact you but when it rains in NM our internet in the desert fails to work and it’s frustrating. I’m at work today and the government LAN is working : )

The upgrade you completed on my Dac III is simply breathtaking, it’s exactly as you stated; bold, large images with a massive soundstage and things are continuing to expand and low level details, depth and layering is getting better each listening session.

This upgrade is even more holographic, my speakers are truly chameleons… I’m in amazement : )

Kudos to you and your Team,





I have been considering a new DAC for a few months. As one does, I have been scanning, reading, chatting and musing about DACs for that time. I was interested in the following DACs:

  • Primarily:
    • Schiit Yggdrasil (Analog 2)
    • Holo Spring II L3
  • Someone else posted about the SW1X DACs and I added them to my list. They are not too far from my home in the UK so I thought I could check them out and they sounded interesting.
  • I was also possibly considering the Lampizator Amber 3. Several other keen head-fiers seemed to really like it (and other Lampizator DACs).

I am using an RME ADI II presently for my main setup with a Glenn OTL amplifier and (primarily) ZMF Verite Closed.


I reached out to Slawa at SW1X and asked if I could come to check out his DACs. He was very helpful and accommodating, so I planned time to visit. It was fun. To share some direct thoughts after the visit, here are a few lightly moded excerpts from PMs I exchanged with two other head-fiers.

I spent a good ~4h w/ Slawa’s. I can’t un-hear any of it. I am now clear on a few things (and less clear on others!):

  1. I really should get a new DAC.
  2. He makes very nice DACs.
  3. USB as transport needs thinking on how to handle.
  4. ASR-like SINAD, THD, etc DAC measurements really do not correlate with “sounds good”.

Slawa is a nice and interesting guy who likes to experiment and make cool DACs. He certainly has strong views on how DACs should be made. There was another long-time customer there picking up his DAC3 after having some minor mods and a new USB-SPDIF unit. He was interesting to talk to.

We listened for a bit to Slawa’s main “killer 2-channel system” as-is for a short while (including one of his DACs). We then put my RME ADI II DAC into this setup, replacing his DAC. The very, very audible power supply wall-wart switching noise was a horror to behold once we even plugged it in, with the DAC itself still in the box. The RME compared to any of his DACs (which we did cover later) sounded completely flat and lifeless. The RME was a small 2d napkin in front of you as opposed to a giant 3d spatial image. No hyperbole; it was so night and day I was floored. We played the same song, ~volume-matched back/ forth and it was stark. Instruments moved “into place”, things sounded alive. With the RME it was almost like you just took “the real music” and squoze it from top to bottom, left to right, with overall less amplitude and conceptual acoustic-mass.

He showed the changes of replacing, one at a time, black-gate capacitors for other capacitors. Amazingly audible changes even for one change. It was a very interesting demonstration of detail I wouldn’t have guessed. That said, he is not a “roller”, he wants to find the right thing, put it in place and move on.

We then compared his DAC1 and DAC2. DAC1 sounds good, DAC2 sounds even better, DAC5 sounds better. I am sure the intervening models follow the line between 1-5.

For myself, what I am not clear on; if the RME compared to any of his DACs is so starkly different, how does it compare to any of the other DACs I am considering? The difference on the speakers was truly massive. It is really hard to say after a few hours of listening and talking if it was the same relative size on the headphones.

His DAC II was much better on the headphones, but perhaps not as jaw-dropping different as on speakers. That is expected I guess when his system is in the very expensive zone all told and the HP setup is far more humble!

His DACs are dead-silent, musical, #certainly-definitively-unquestionably-much-better than my RME DAC.

All of that sounds very enthusiastic. It is/ was. I would like to be sober at the same time. I have heard some very nice hi-fi kit to be clear, but I have not heard every high-end DAC out there. The experience did rebase my expectations for the kinds of changes I could expect to hear.


(2) The second brilliant engineer.

I wrestled at this point wondering whether or not to explore vinyl as a source.
looking at the costs of good turntables, cartridges, phono amps, cabling – supports…….. it wasn’t looking too attractive
also whilst the idea of a physical media in your hand, with glossy covers and info really is a hark back to the past , and attractive, I also was aware of the £20 or so outlay for each record , and given i had none it would escalate into an expensive collection –

i figured the digital platforms and CD (i had loads) was more sensible at this point so i looked at some outboard DACs; that would transform the sound of my Oppo203 4k player, and land me in musical nirvana

so i tried a few .. Rega, Naim, Arcam and finally the Qutest (Chord)
none of these external DACs could out perform the in built DACs on my 4k blu ray player, (oppo203). they all sound more or less the same. I could really not understand what the press hype about these was about. They did nothing for me, and the presentation remained tiresome.

then i stumbled across a review somewhere, of an audio-note like approach to DACs, so forget the fancy DSD and very high sampling rates, and just focus on the information present in 16/44.1 ….

Slawa Roschkow designs his version of this – SW1x-DACs and I thought I may as well try out this version of events, in my system; with the knowledge and agreement that if it didn’t gel i could send it back. Slawa hand-built me a DAC-II (standard version), and I got this late January.

Being hard to please in hifi terms is important yet annoying as there is always an issue that prevents enjoyment of the music. This DAC-II installed has been an amazing transformative improvement.

So the accurate and amazing sounding Oppo DAC is now revealed as thin and unsubstantial, where the decay tail of notes is sharply truncated, and the acoustics of the recording room is woefully under represented.

The DAC-II fills out each note, so that it sounds a real – living entity in time and space. The fatness is not tied to any slowness or ploddingly poor timing. Quite the opposite there is a velvety flow, effortless and tight to the music now. It carries you along.

The notorious habit of streaming, where one listens to the first 20 seconds then jump to another track or album. I found myself stop doing this, and listening to whole pieces, and often entire albums fro star to end. When was the last time i did this ?

John Darko, who reviews digital sources constantly talks of ‘Acoustic density” , and now I know exactly what he mens by this.

So the DAC I have (and am not sending back!) is only the DAC-II standard, and there are higher variants available from Slawa (at greater cost of course). Can’t imagine how good these would sound, I only wish o could afford such delights. I am aware that I can send my DAC back for retrofitting of improvements, whenever funds allow…. so I have a stellar upgrade path ahead.

Slawa provides other products , carefully designed and tuned to this house sound which is so attractive. I can’t recommend these enough.

Conclusion: I will resist temptation to grab well-rated HIFI from mass-production sources. I will always value the direct interaction, communication and have influence when sourcing components direct from the engineer/designer – these true experts really care about quality audio delivery as the success or failure of their business depends on this , and less driven by the usual marketing nonsense.



Some fine tuning, this thing, you just opened a crack in my system a dropped a huge, bleeding, veins out dripping flat on a surface piece of heart in the middle of everything, yes it has gobs if detail, extension, yes. Separation of instruments whatever, there are not just instruments playing, they are crying, they are happy, the singer is playing his soul with the devil right in front of me. Digital, analog: hell…



Was about to update my Lampizator amber to the current version.  After reading your comments, decided to pursue another direction. My impression, every expression in your review is spot on accurate. It took about 3 months, but I now have a well seasoned SW1X level II “special” in my system.

This is digital like I have never encountered.

The bloom of large orchestrated crescendos and choir voices is absolutely lovely. There are any number of beautifully gifted but hard to interpret female vocalists that are now reproduced without distraction (recordings from Madredeus, Pink Martini, Dulce Pontes, Hot Sardines to name a few). No more impulsive longings for a return to analog.
I am so incredulously delighted to have found this DAC, I am tempted to go on. This being a public domain, further words would seem as fabricated hyperbole to anyone who has read your review.

I will say, there “was” something about digital I always found unnatural.  Like striking a bell and clasping your hand around it. An abrupt fade to a completely silent but lifeless background.  Ambient decay is captured and brought to life in an expansive dimensional way. Old time audio enthusiasts who have dipped their toes in digital waters, and winced, may find SW1X a truly satisfying portal to a diverse world of streaming music.

From a practical standpoint, would like to mention Nigel, the USA  midwest SW1X rep. He was a pleasure to deal with.



I know it’s an old cliche but the SW1X DAC products sound so analog that it is virtually impossible to know you are listening to a digital source. The sheer palpability, the presence that the SW1X DACs produce means they provide a reality to the sound that so far I must say is unmatched. If you are looking for a DAC that makes you feel you are literally “there”, then this is the DAC for you. With very high hopes we will be purchasing a SW1X phono stage next. If the SW1X DACs can make digital sound so incredibly analog, just how good can their analog do analog? We are so excited to be involved with this top shelf product.



Dr Slawa,

Something really weird just happened.. in a good way I have the song Asylum playing (from the Supertramp Crime of the Century disc) and suddenly things simply opened up. Not saying the stage went left into my neighbor’s yard but the entire stage opened in all 3 dimensions. Very interesting. I was nodding off a bit when it did this, immediately bringing my focus back to the music and even though this is a 45 year old studio recording it felt like they were in the room. As you described below it was almost spooky so I believe I just got a taste of what you are describing for the special and IV and V. Very nice. John



“- its a very revealing DAC- and ruthless with poor recordings, and clearly highlights well recorded stuff; its quite an instrument !”



Hi Slawa,

Your DAC is really good. I’ve had a lot of them and none them really stood out as special. The more money I spent, they each got better but they still all pretty much sounded the same. Same in the sense of a strong family resemblance.

This new DAC of mine is so relaxing it is amazing.

More later.


Bruce S.



Hello, Slawa.

My buddy who lives in the Seattle, WA area recently drove to my house for a weekend visit. He brought his Lampizator Atlantic DAC with him to compare it to my DAC III. I must admit that I was a bit nervous at the prospect of pitting my DAC III against his $12,000 Atlantic. I’d heard his DAC twice before and I knew it sounded fantastic both times.

Well, we played different songs repeatedly (as audiophiles often do) trying to identify differences, weaknesses, problems, and unpleasant sounds. There were no unpleasant sounds coming from either DAC. They both sounded wonderful. I think I detected a tiny bit of background hiss or slight fuzziness emanating from his Atlantic during certain tracks that was not present in my DAC III. My friend either didn’t notice or decided to say nothing about it. Could that have come from the filter(s) that are used in the Lampizator?

After 2+ days of listening, we called it a draw – except for that slight warm fuzziness that I detected.

I thought you might like to know about the above event. I’m delighted with my DAC III, and I’m even more delighted that I did not buy an Atlantic as I had originally intended last year!

Best regards,




Dr Slawa..

I wanted to add.. I just got home from work and taking  a few minutes to indulge in music as I get ready for dinner. What I am hearing is just amazing. Very acoustical music.. guitars and vocals mostly and the recording is nothing “special”. Yet the sound is incredible and again I am hearing layers. Is amazing how much bass an acoustic guitar can generate. It carries me away and for  afew minutes now my rough day fades and I feel my soul being fed.. this music has soul. It isn’t just notes.. it ins’t just a guitar or a voice. I think what was missing before more than anything was the soul and now that I have that returned my love in music has also returned. I am lissing to a woman sing who passed when she was very young. She did not reach any level of stardom while alive. In fact few knew who she was outside of washington DC’s small bars. After she passed a radio station in England played her version of Over the Rainbow and it was the English who breathed her in. Her name is Eva Cassidy and she died at age 33. Now her music lives on and right now I am very much enjoying her singing “What A Wonderful World” from the “Best of Eva Cassidy” CD. If you want to hear some of the soul your DAC is providing give Eva a shot. It sounds incredible! John



Hi Dr Slawa,

doing some listening on the Dac 3 Signature being fed by Lumin U1 Mini via XLR. The DAC is hooked via RCA2 out.

sound is very analog like. one thing that strikes me is how the speakers totally disappeared from the room. Not sure if it is the the DAC or the new pre amp, but so far I am liking what I am hearing.



Of all the things I did in 2018 striving for better sound NOTHING compared to adding your DAC. While the other things I did helped and did matter, the single biggest change came because of the DAC III. I am less convinced the delta sigma DAC designs, regardless of expense, would have had an equal effect. The sound tone is just different. I see people chasing oversampling as a cure for defects elsewhere in the design. DS Dac chips in general are very inexpensive chips. I had access to 3 lower end DS DACs (actual DAC chips were good chips). One was built into my Atoll music player, another is built in to my Thoebe preamp and the third was part of the $6000 Esoteric CD player. While there were 8some* differences between them, for most part they were mostly the same. In each case I always felt something was missing. A lack of fullness was what my perceptions told me. A sense of thinness. The music played was detailed and clear but it had no soul, no body. Background sounds were mostly on a single plane and played at the same volume. It lacked space and life.

With your DAC each instrument, each voice has its own life, its own body, and plays at its own volume. The background, as is the foreground comes out in layers and unfolds. The music has life and really does draw me in. I now feel almost like a crack addict when I do not have time to listen to a few songs.

I dop hope others will take this journey. Those who enjoy DSD 512 and feel it is the answer to whatever it is they are missing I am happy for them. I suspect DSD 1024 will be around the corner to further help in their quest to listen to interpolated notes in search of what is missing. But for those who want soul to their music and to hear what was originally recorded I do hope they find one of your DACs. I believe they will be amazed.



Dear Slawa,

More than half a year has passed since I had my DAC 1 Signature upgraded. Unfortunately I was not able to give it a really good listen till recently – was occupied with some other important things and had no much time for fun. Although my first impression was kind of modest, now, following a few months of listening, I really enjoy the sound and I’d like to thank you for dedicating your time to and being so patient with me. Switching to a tube preamp following your recommendations made a big difference and now I think about a decent SET amp and a pair of sensitive speakers to further improve my system.

Thank you for the great sound delivered by your equipment.

All the best to you and any success to SW1X Audio Design.




Started from a Beresford dac, then to a Teac, upgraded to a Moon dac and finally got this dac SW1X dac…. i am not good with words, but I can only say this is the most natural sounding dac. Everything sounds amazing: bass, mids, and highs that can blow your mind. No matter what mood I am in, this thing brings a smile to my face. Equipment used: auralic aries, AN Otto phono SE Signature, AN ANJ-hemp and THIS SW1X. Thanks Slawa and Bogdan Bordeianu for bringing true natural sound to my ears!!!!



I have watched SW1X from the start and have been a fan of the concept.
I was using an AN Dac 1 1x whicch used the AD 1855 chip and the mini valve so beloved of AN
I thought it was pretty damn good
I now use the SW1x Dac 1 and it is much more musical with space.
There were some adjustments to make and throughout it all Slawa could not have been more helpful
with advice and some practical help as well
The DAC 1 is staying.
Anyone contemplating a stand alone dac MUST listen to this



Slawa after running DaC on repeat for 48hr with purist audio revB conditioning Cd along tube signal treatment ( got that one from Wojtek)
Dac Sw1x produces Astounding sound I’m absolutely astounded even in my modest system difference is astonishing. I don’t even want to complement yet 🙂 but I can’t help myself I did not expected that level of change I’m sure it’s is not the end of changes because I understand that Caps and other elements need to settle 😉 . There was specifics track on Chesky Jazz sampler where after pressing play you can here artist coming to the room picks up saxophone takes breath and music emerges from back background but what is amazing that you ca. Hear acoustics of the room artist playing .
That track we played before Dac was tested at friends house with with expensive denon amp and top cd ( Japan edition ) and dyna audio speaker . We all were surprise by this track especially owner of the system . he could not wrap his head around fact how Dac can outperformed his multi thousand CD player 😉
I will keep you informed one DAC goes for proper listening tests.
There is one Person Owner of audio store he is in audio for 35 years they have lots. Of hiend gear there but he loves music and does not judge audio by name or price .
Call you before I leave for Poland
Kind regards



My review of the SW1X DAC 1 Signature

So what do we have?   A nicely plain atheistically pleasing aluminium case with a single light in the front. But that’s only the outside. Open the lid and it’s clear inside we have something special almost akin to a piece of rather fine Jewellery, it’s all mapped out beautifully with fine quality components and wonderful silver wire and excellent soldering.

After 40 years of opening up hifi boxes and thinking is that all there is and I have payed a fortune for this!? this one really impresses.

The sound:

Being one for not rushing in on the sound of quality hifi I have been patient no end and honestly given this Dac a good six months run in, bearing in mind we have a myriad of black gate capacitors and other hand picked components it’s only fair to make an assessment after this amount of time and this Dac needs a ruddy long time to get to its best.

I can report a cd based system that honestly bats with most record players I’ve owned over the years but crucially we have more detail and a solid deep/real bass.  Also must mention an exquisite mid treble which appears and then fades with a 3D like effect, all of this presented with faultless timing. Being a drummer in a previous life it’s great to have my music presented with the correct timing a rare commodity these days. All in all I made a no brainer purchase and mostly definitely recommend this Dac.

I am using this Valve Dac with a Cyrus CD T – CD player and for me it’s a perfect match.




My review of some products from SW1X

I have been collecting and listening to Hi Fi for about 45 years. The move to digital, and up-sampling in particular, has been a big disappointment in the last 15 years. Like many I am not enamoured by the digital ’headache’. Previously this annoyance has been somewhat ameliorated by the use of valve amps (McIntosh 225, Audionote Meishu, EAR 861), transistor NOS DACs and horn speakers, but there are times when I contemplated giving up trying to improve my system.
Then, by chance, I spotted an advert for SW1X, carried out extensive auditioning, and finally entered a new world. Below is my best attempt to review the kit I have bought. I am no technical expert and I leave Slawa of SW1X to fend off any technical question.

USB1 Signature
Almost all interfaces to computers rely on USB connection and the job of the USB1 is to convert that signal to SP/DIF and hence onward to the DAC. It does clever things with the clocking and predominantly makes use of valves. It doesn’t have a sound in the absolute sense and can only be judged when in line with a good DAC. It’s a smart well finished box. In my case it is brushed aluminium which I like as it diminishes the sort of minor marks that occur on black boxes over time. Connection is minimalist with a USB cable in and an SP/DIF cable out. A mains switch makes up the compliment and this is placed at the rear to encourage one to leave it on 24/7, particularly with the internal Black Gate capacitors. In operation it was immediately recognised by my Raspberry Pi.

DAC 1 Signature
This is where the magic reveals itself. There is an SP/DIF cable in and phonos out, and again there is just the mains switch on the rear. If you are looking for an analogue sound from a digital source then the search is over. I used to own a Linn Sondek, Ittok etc and its memory has been truly laid to rest. CDs that were unlistenable are now enjoyable and discs that were once enjoyable are now wonderful. I have learnt over the years to avoid over focussing on details within the sound, being old enough to remember that Naim sold a thousand amps based predominantly on the reproduction of a rim shot on a drum. Well this DAC just makes music, overwhelming, foot tapping, sing along music. It does high and low frequencies and a lovely valve-like fluid midrange, but at no times does it draw undue attention to specific elements. Its just a pleasure to own it.

Silver cables
If the electronics are the icing on the cake, then these cables are the cherry on top. In the past I have often played lip service to the choice of cables not really hearing too much in the way of differences but happy to settle for Audionote silver ANV cables so I didn’t have to worry about missing out on something! Suddenly I was hearing differences. SW1X cables bettered the Audionote cables which went on E Bay. The real revelation were the silver mains cables. Slawa has his own recipe for cables using strands of silver wire of mixed radiuses in what is essentially an air dielectric. A key element is their (zero) impedance. I cant begin to guess why 1m of silver mains cable can impact on several miles of supply cable to the house, but it does. I would say the interconnect between computer and USB1 is the cable to get in order to share the insight and at about £100 it’s a steal. Each change of cable allows the system to breath more easily. The soundstage opens up and just becomes more real. Eventually the speakers disappear – Amazing.

In conclusion
Slawa is one of the nicest people I have met in Hi Fi. For creativity and innovative thought I would put him alongside the likes of Peter Qvortrup and Tim De Paravicini. Yet he is friendly and happy to talk through any naïve questions I may have.



Dear Slawa –

Left it running overnight and am now sitting in my dressing gown (!) listening to Alina Ibragimova Bach Violin Concertos. It is very good: one of very few products that I have heard over the last 15 years so that has truly impressed. It will be a pleasure to review it. …

It is mad good for the money.





Hi Slawa

USB1 now back in my system where it belongs …. Smooth analog sounds again. I hadn’t really appreciated how good the USB1 was until it was gone and whatever changes I make to my system in the future the USB1 will remain


Thank you for a fascinating afternoon and for taking the time to show me your work and discuss the state of modern hifi

I will be in touch again when I am able to spend some time listening for longer to your superb kit and will certainly bring one of my own DACs for comparison

Also thank you for your speedy turnaround on my repair

Best wishes




Dear Dr. Slawa,

I will be brief and express what is important.

I will borrow a term often used by astronomers when they are about to view the performance of a new telescope – for the first time.

“First Light”……..meet design expectation?

First Sound & Impression…..

The performance of the SW1X DAC is stunning. Very good DAC indeed.
Excellent voice, dynamics, speed and good sound staging. Good analogue feel to the sound, without comparing – close to turntable set-up. Sound is detailed, organic, almost live perspective. Richly textured, full bodied. Sound of metal instruments imparted with right timbre, non aggressive to the ears. Immense sound stage with ambience, transparent, musical, and finely focused.

I would not wish to overstate the SW1X in a manner that would exaggerate its designed purpose. Hence a understated comment is probably best. The greatness of the SW1X should be awarded to your philosophy behind using the best materials to bring forth the refinements that is possible from an equipment rather than relying on technolgy alone.

Afterall, what we are driving at ultimately is achieving the most musical sound isn’t it. With the SW1X – you have.

A good CD player is essential.

Kindest Regards – Simon



Dear Slawa,
Your DAC is wonderful. It is better than the ZANDEN or my Stax. I am very happy with it. I hope to soon buy the USB / SPDIF Signature. I’m a little worried about leaving the DAC still operating. How long the tube will remain in perfect condition?
Best regards.



It’s really good with complicated or busy music. It’s the cats pyjamas!

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