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Resurrecting the Soul of Music

SW1X Audio Design® (pronounced As One X Audio Design) stands for extreme, high performance audio equipment design. Manufacturing ‘state of the art’ audio equipment is only possible with finest components & materials and best available technology. Everything we manufacture is designed & hand assembled in Essex, England. Every product is engineered with just one objective in mind: to resurrect the soul of music of a recording.

The essential purpose of high performance audio equipment is to deliver highest possible musical performance in audio reproduction. With this in mind, our designs aim to reproduce a recording the way the musicians intended the music to sound like. Reproducing a recording of musical performance the way it was recorded is simply not enough. A recording in itself is just a starting point not the end of how a recording should play. Only when the soul that the musicians put into the music is resurrected, only then there is a potential to get connected to the music emotionally.

Maximum Musical Pleasure = Audio Design by SW1X

Welcome to the Art of High Performance Audio
Dr. Slawa (SW1X) Roschkow
Founder, Managing Director & Chief Audio Engineer
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SW1X AMP V Titan Integrated 300B & 6SN7 Valve Amplifier Black
NOS R2R DAC X - Delta Sigma Vs R2R HiFi Dac
SW1X MPA III "Oracle" Mono Power Amplifier
sw1x vdt v special digital transport and music streamer
CDP III DAC & Digital Source Player/Streamer
SW1X Audio Design Logo Circle Transparent
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