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Resurrecting the Soul of Music

SW1X Audio Design® (pronounced As One X Audio Design) stands for extreme, high performance audio equipment design. Manufacturing ‘state of the art’ audio equipment is only possible with finest components & materials and best available technology. Everything we manufacture is designed & hand assembled in Essex, England. Every product is engineered with just one objective in mind: to resurrect the soul of music of a recording.

The essential purpose of high performance audio equipment is to deliver highest possible musical performance in audio reproduction. With this in mind, our designs aim to reproduce a recording the way the musicians intended the music to sound like. Reproducing a recording of musical performance the way it was recorded is simply not enough. A recording in itself is just a starting point not the end of how a recording should play. Only when the soul that the musicians put into the music is resurrected, only then there is a potential to get connected to the music emotionally.

If you are after maximum musical pleasure, then Audio Design by SW1X is the right choice for you

Welcome to the Art of High Performance Audio
Dr. Slawa (SW1X) Roschkow
Founder, Managing Director & Chief Audio Engineer
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