Terms and Conditions



We do not recommend purchasing a key system component without first auditioning it carefully, which is why we have demonstration rooms and a flexible home loan policy.

However in certain situations it can be difficult for people to get to our showroom and for those instances we can offer our mail order service.

If you would like to audition a SW1X Audio Design product(s) at home , we offer a 14 day trial period.

Following some questions about your audio system, to gauge suitability, we will ship the product(s) within the usual 2-3 week delivery period following receipt of payment in full.

You then have 14 days to evaluate them. If for some reason the item is not to your satisfaction, your money will be refunded following safe return of the unit(s).

All we ask is that the equipment is returned in the same condition in which it left the factory.

We accept payment by Check, Bank Transfer or Paypal (3% additional charge).
















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