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Battle Royale of Components & Materials

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audio components and materials

Upcoming tests, evaluation and review of passive components & materials: capacitors, resistors, conductors and more.


audio components & materials

Signal capacitors


Overview of sound signature of different types foil  types from AN, Jensen, Dueleund,  Vcap,  Myflex, Jupiter, Mundorf, Jantzen,  ClarityCap,  Audyn, Rike

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Current Copper Foil capacitor group contenders:


0.47uF 630V Audio Note Copper Foil Capacitor

0.47uF 300Vdc V-Cap CuTF Capacitors (matched pair)

0.47uF 630Vdc Audyn Cap True Copper Max Capacitor

0.47uF 630Vdc Audyn True Copper Capacitor

0.47uF 630Vdc Duelund CAST PIO Tinned Copper Capacitors

0.47uF 630Vdc Duelund Jam Tinned Copper Foil Paper in Oil Capacitor

0.47uF 900Vdc Duelund Alexander Copper Foil Cap

0.47uF 400Vdc Duelund RS Electronic Capacitors

0.33uF 630V Duelund CAST DC Copper

0.47uF 400V Duelund VSF DC Copper

0.47uF 630V Jensen Copper Foil, PIO, Aluminium can

0.47uF 630V Jensen Copper Foil PIO in a copper can

0.47uF 630V Jensen Copper Foil PIO in a paper can

0.47uF 600Vdc Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Wax Capacitor

0.47uF 600V Miflex KPCU Copper Foil Paper / Polypropylene in Oil Capacitor

0.47uF 600V Miflex KFPM-01 Copper Foil Paper Polypropylene Film Capacitor


It is going to be a primarily subjective evaluation based on ratings of in a carefully designed questionnaire by a panel experienced audiophiles and music lovers. We are going to evaluate different components in different circuits. Caps for example will be tested in signal de-coupling and X-over applications- everything in a elegantly simple circuits containing very few other passive components.



Stay tuned for updates and test results


audio components & materials


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