DAC II Signature at its finest in process of construction

This is a very special DAC II Signature, which was fully customised on request of its owner. Besides employing some of the finest and most exotic components/materials available such as Black Gate VK and Non Polar Kaisei capacitors in the power supplies, AN 2W tantalum resistors, the DAC II is also equipped with AN Silver foil siganl capacitors and our Super HiB CC cored power transformers and chokes. Nothing was left to chance- every component has been matched to provide best possible sonic harmony, resulting the DAC to be not only musical and analogue sounding but also extremely revealing.




S1600007 S1600009 S1600011    S1600020 S1600021 S1600022  S1600031 S1600034



SW1X Harmonic Matching Principle


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