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MPA V ‘Hercules’ Mono Power Amplifier

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SW1X MPA V Hercules Tube Valve Mono Power Amplifier Monoblock Bowers & Wilkins

MPA V Hercules 300B DHT Valve Monoblock Power Amplifiers

Hercules is a Pure Class A, Zero Negative Feedback, Directly Heated Triode, Fully Valve Rectified, Single Ended, 3 Gain Stage, Interstage Transformer coupled, High Fidelity Mono Power Amplifier.

The 300B Triodes in combination with 6V6 triode connected driver tubes offer the presentation of the famous 300B valves yet with a powerful & full bodied sound.

The MPA V Monoblock comes in 3 color combinations and is available in Classic, Special & Signature versions.

Read full features & specifications here.


MPA V Monoblock Brass

MPA V Monoblock Silver

MPA V Monoblock GunMetal


SW1X MPA V Hercules Mono Power Amplifier

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