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Step Up Transformers, SW1X SUT I, II & III Line of Silver & Copper MC Step Up Transformers

SW1X Audio Design™ MC Step Up Transformers

Custom Silver and Copper Wound on Mu Metal/ Super Permalloy Core


Custom designed and wound specifically to specifications of any MC Cartridge. Please let us know the cartridge and we wind the SUTs for an optimum performance.

This way one can expect the best possible sound quality from any MC cartridge since the SUTs are closely matched to the output level & impedance of a cartridge.

For the least possible RFI/EMI noise pick up, all our SUTs are suspened in Mu metal cans, attached to Bakelite boards and housed in pure Copper Chassis.

Not only this insures the lowest possible noise floor but also best possible body, musicality and low level transparency.

SUT II Step Up Transformer

Our SUTs are available in 3 modesl and optional with RCA sockets or with SW1X Genesis or Magnum Interconnects at the output:


  • SW1X SUT I – Copper/Copper (primary/secondary) on Super Pemalloy Mumetal Core
  • SW1X SUT II – Copper/Silver (primary/secondary) on Super Pemalloy Mumetal Core
  • SW1X SUT III – Silver/Silver (primary/secondary) on Super Pemalloy Mumetal Core 


Get in touch with us and let us know your MC cartridge parameters



Design Choice: Performance vs Compatiblity

SW1X Phono Pre-Amplifier Product Overview


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