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SW1X MTR 963 Monitor Speakers

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MTR 693 Monitor Speakers
SW1X MTR 963 Monitor Speakers

Are you looking for musical, articulate and most coherent loudspeakers to match a relatively Low Powered Valve Amplifier?

If the answer is yes then you found the solution. The main design goal was to create musically uncompromised sounding speakers to match Low Powered, Single ended, Class A, Tube Amplifiers.

The Near- Medium Field monitors were designed to be timelessly elegant made of great sounding, zero-expense-spared materials & to fullfil following criteria:

  • X-over-less and therefore without any Passive Components in order to maximize
  • Musicality, Transparency & Dynamics
  • Easy to drive by Low Power, Single Ended, Class A amplifiers

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MTR 693 Monitor Speakers

SW1X MTR 963 Monitor Loudspeakers

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