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System Sound Test Sw1X Product Audio Demonstration

Product Audio Demonstration


What you hear is a FLAC recording of Take Five played through our digital source, VDT V, fed into DAC III Balanced, amplified by PRE IV Line Amplifier + MPA IV Single Ended Monoblocks and out through MTR 963 Speakers. The audio is then recorded on a Zoom H6 with the standard Stereo Capsule Microphone, approximately 3 meters from each speaker, which is the ideal spot for any serious audiophile listener. With a total of 3 Watts of Single Ended Class A power at play here, the system provides a complete immersive experience in medium room sizes.

List of Audio System Used:

1. VDT V Special Digital Transport and Streamer (Level 5)

SW1X VDT V Valve Digital Transport Player & Music Streamer

2. DAC III Balanced Special (Upper Level 3)

SW1X DAC III Balanced

3. PRE IV Line Pre Amplifier Special (Level 4)

SW1X PRE IV Line Pre-Amplifier

4. MPA IV Aurora Mono Power Amplifier (Level 4)

SW1X MPA IV “Aurora” Mono Power Amplifier

5. MTR 963 AlNiCo Loudspeakers (Level 3)

SW1X MTR 963 Monitor Speakers

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SW1X AMP V Jupiter Integrated Amplifier
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