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SW1X AMP V Jupiter Integrated Amplifier

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SW1X Audio Design™ AMP V "Jupiter" Phono Integrated Amplifier

AMP V Jupiter Integrated Amplifier

Performance Level 3/4/5
300B DHT Integrated Amplifier

AMP V is a 3 gain stage Power Amplifier coupled with a High Quality Pre-amplifier. The Directly Heated 300B Triodes at the output stage are driven by the popular 6J5 & 6SN7 driver tubes to produce musical and balanced sound. Available in different versions: Special and the limited Signature version with different power output transformer options (Permalloy or SHiB and UHiB) and all Copper or Copper/Silver  windings.



SW1X AMP V “Jupiter” Integrated Amplifier

Product Audio Demonstration
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