SW1X Composite Feet

SW1X Audio Design™ Composite- Resonance Control Feet


Designed and assembled in house, our new SW1X Composite Feet offer a significant improvement in dynamic bite, natural harmonic envelope & body + overall musical presentation over spikes, aluminium or rubber material feet available on the market. The SW1X Composite feet come standard in our higher performance level products but are also offered on separate standalone basis.

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All our Composite Feet were designed for maximum dynamic presentation while preserving the body as found on our standard rubber feet.


SW1X Composite Feet models are offered in 2 main versions:


  • Aluminium-Copper-Rubber-Brass Composite, machined Aluminium cups on Copper, with Brass and Rubber internal vibration control materials

This version is more airy sounding while preserving the dynamic realisim

  • Brass-Copper-Panzerholz Wood-Brass-Rubber Composite, machined Brass cups on Copper, with Panzerholz Wood-Brass-Rubber internal vibration control materials

This version is full bodied sounding with more natural harmonics and great dynamic bite




Prices (GBP, ex VAT) are as follows

Aluminium-Copper-Rubber-Brass Composite, GBP 350 per set of of 4

Brass-Copper-Panzerholz Wood-Brass-Rubber Composite, GBP 650 per set of of 4


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