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SW1X DAC III after more than 5 years in Production

DAC IV & Magnum Cabling

DAC III Balanced S in Production

DAC IV with Improved Active I/V and 6SN7 & 6V6 Tube Output Stage

Forthcoming SW1X AMP II Integrated Amplifier

LPU III & LPU III Balanced Phono Pre-Amplfier Versions

PRE IV Line Pre-Amplifier with DHT & SHiB DC Core OPT


LPU III MM RIAA Phono Pre-Amplifier in the Making

DAC II Balanced

DAC V with 45 DHT Valves and Silver wound Super HiB DC core Signal Output Transformers

More Pictures of DAC III Balanced

DAC III BALANCED with Super HiB Double C core Transformers

Older DAC III got updated & upgraded with options

I/U Conversion Transistor Options

Review of SW1X DAC II STD on HFA


Review of SW1X DAC I Active vs Passive I/U by HiFi Advice

Some Reflections on Decadence of Audio

What makes SW1X Audio Design sound?

High-End Performance Audio: a definition by SW1X Audio Design

Informed and Rational Choice

DAC I Engineering Highlights

SW1X Audio Design Logo Circle Transparent
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