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Field Coil Speakers

The history of the speakers began in 1874, when the German engineer Ernst Werner von Siemens (founder of the company Siemens) described the design, consisting of a circular coil T positioned in the magnetic field. Vertical movement of the voice coil was now possible due to the special mount. Ernst von Siemens has pointed out that the device can be used for audio playback. A little later Siemens filed two patents, which actually described the loudspeaker design. After a number of enhancements to approximately in 20-s of the last century, speaker based on dynamic cones has acquired the type of, which has little changed to the present day.


The vast majority of speakers,issued prior to the Second World War,have the so-called field winding coil T field coil.Because the powerful permanent magnets with stable properties do in that time have not yet learned,much cheaper and more effectively use the solenoid,i.e. coil T dressed to punch the magnetic system and connected to a source of constant voltage.The speakers on the подмагничивании (magnetization) continued to be produced in the 30s, 40s and even in the 50s. Many known firms,such as клангфилм (Klangfilm), Siemens, телефункен (TeleFunken), Western Electric, SAR produced speakers with solenoids,considered so far непревозойденными (unsurpassed) on accentual constituents and expressiveness and sound facing enormous money at the auctions.


Today the solenoid seems anachronistic,but in the world there has been a steady growth of interest to such design speaker.There are individual wizard and even firms,issuing speakers at подмагничивании (magnetization) or downgrade the подмагничивание (magnetization) electrodynamics speakers from other manufacturers.


Whether there is in all these games the rational grain or a regular audio fashion,such biggest однотактниками?I think,the solenoid has only one advantage:It allows you to adjust the tension of the magnetic field in the clearance of the inductions in the dynamics of t and thereby make a “fine” adjustment of the speaker on the dial tone of the balance and the quality of the playback bass.Electrodynamics speakers such opportunity not.In the rest of the solenoid is less convenient,when poor filtration pulsations from the bias in the speakers may be monitored von ac,to the same experience in the use of and the establishment of such speakers the,that the quality of the materials,from which manufactured magnetic body and the solenoid coil T is of crucial importance for the sound speaker.For example,painting and “transparency” wire,which wound Field Winding Coil t hear well,as audible and the properties of the wires in the windings of the output of the transformer!As well as the power supply Field Winding Coil and all of its components(straightener,power transformer T capacitors,connecting wires)affect the sound Even stronger than the same elements in the power supply of the power amplifier!These facts do not fall within the framework of modern physics and their courage can be attributed to the as abnormal phenomena in the audio,though would be because,that when large enough capacity of the filter capacitor and inductance подмагшничивания magnetic coil in the circuit field winding no useful signal or he has no discernable small level,while the audibility of elements of the power supply circuit bias above,than in the signal connections of the mind. Experimentation with подмагничиванием, I collected several tens of power supply units for the most different speakers.


Field Coil Speakers



The starting point for my experiments have served as the recommendations of the Anatoly Markovic Лихнцкого,known engineer and the author of a number of conceptual articles on audio:

Anatoly Marković began to use the speakers on the подмагничивание still in the early 60s of the last century,and now… lane mono speaker,in which the main range plays 15 inch woofer клангфилм 44022 on подмагничивании,as well as above 5 khz is 4 inch field coil preforming Siemens, 1938 release of.

As to find in the Internet the texts of Anatoly Markovic on and ecotoxicity подмагничиванием затрудинтельно(they are placed in a closed forum and are not поисковиками),I cite a few of the most excerpts from his communications,saved on my computer:


It is the power source for speakers with подмагничиванием! The fact that the sources of power supply engines электропроигрывателей and others would seem not related electrically or MRI with path play known relatively long .The power source field winding affect the sound quality of the Speaker The same was aware ,but no who have not explored the extent to which the .Truth Anton Степичев recently requested to draw my attention to the power source field winding coil. Since the last time I was in the main столярными works, as the missed the point of Anton past the ears,and connected the speakers Klang and Siemens directly to the network through the diode bridge CC405 and parallel condenser Tesla 300 690091. The sound was remarkable,as the immediately and the question of the source of the does not become topical .But once the diode bridge flew at the time of engagement. .I put another -there has been the same and I decided to do кенотронный straightener with power transformer and U-filter.. The elements I put in it is not the best( the old Soviet). I понадеялся that their influence will not so strong as in мощнике and mistaken. When you first turn on me literally question always consulted vulgarity sound. .The feeling ,that assembled previously only on телековских detail assistant and the source for the field winding announced to each other the second world war. Listen to music on the system was not possible. What is the hysteria ,Full distortion and Who now decides what is legitimate emotions.naturally,such was simply unacceptable! And I have decided to address the source of the thoroughly. Incidentally I found that when the source of the residual magnetization dynamics continued sound,truth quietly ,but the main they were perfectly,and at all levels of experience. Then there is the opportunity to assess the specifically гадит power source field winding there is a benchmark for comparing the . Further work has begun : Двухполупериодное straightening was replaced by однополупериодное- was received by the marked improvement in the( clean sound) electrolyte in the filter changed several times and the Soviet Union and on the Samsung and the Tesla and at the end of the ends of the inform us Gate. Выйграл inform us Gate . Each lines I replaced the телековский and correctly сориентировал on Anton Степичеву . The sound quality it is important that such logic apace . He graduated from the i selection кенотронов 5u3 with . The choice of focus from the Soviet 50 and 70 and Сильвании ( 60). With a sabbatical выйграли кенотроны 5u3 with 50 and although the sound disappeared совковая finesse ,but what the sharpness and грубоватость especially at being discussed at the remained .me it is not unnatural and I returned to the безтрансформаторному inclusion through the diode semiconductor Bridge, by entering a small катушечку телековского wires before plus the electrolyte that bridges longer not fly. So,won the semiconductor bridge .from which, ask you ? The shortest path signal! What can be done conclusions? Experiment with wires, кенами, transformers and throttles the best on the power supply for the field winding. In the first safe -no which will not burn down the sound path. The second on the sensitivity to all replacements elements and changing directions harness the source field winding does not concede to the output stage мощника. The third is the standard sound with disabled подмагничиванием……………………………………………………………………….

I was joined and continued experiments with подмагничиванием.
I decided instead of silicon diode to germanium junction, перерыл quarter bottles and not found германиевого diode, but found the old Soviet купроксный straightener.I put it instead of the silicon diode and immediately observed changes in the sound .I would not have said that the sound has improved ,but it was other ,in any case ядовитость silicon clearly gone.significantly was determined by the .The sensitivity to the slightest changes in the installation has become a monstrous.For example,I have two solder PIC60 :телековский and Old French ( donated Dphsc Стечивевым).So, if I тыкаю soldering iron with the French
Soldering the soldering made телекоским soldering , then immediately hear the mitigation of sound and the loss of the higher and if you then телековским it immediately feel increased dryness.
I сплавил two solder and received the required TB , but that I was not acceptable. What is the mildly a note was present at the RF and has separated from the высокочастотник благороднейшего Клангфильма.
And so I watched the last step , inserted in the straightener 5 cm антоновского проводочка ,which he himself considers its the best .and the miracle of the tweeter speaker in the noble wave merged with Клангфильмом ideal and any signs of совковости.It smoother hearing impression , which has inspired me that( which I incidentally as it has already been expressed in the article about the amplifier Medvedev).Some of the most highly организовынные conductors are beginning to educate low organized elements and conductors such as domestic production.More, they capture the power in the power source and declare themselves просвященными dictators.
Social behavior not only conductors ,but even and electrons in the predicted Tesla .yesterday the расказано in the transfer of the “Russia”, devoted to the Tesla.
With respect, Anatoly Лихницкий.


Finally I realized Single-ended безтрансформаторный source to Klangfilm,on the upmarket to Ебее кенотроне RGN 4004 and compared it with безтрансформаторным мостиковым rectifier.
So the diode sounds more clear, but can be heard in the sound some rigidity or you can say the rudeness тутийных field , then the кенотроном stiffener no but clarity smaller .Ястость very зависил from all conductors of the source and increases when the network as straight as possible into the кенотрон and further to the coil of the bias of the speaker.
With respect , Anatoly Лихницкий

I Всеж I decided to compare RGN 4004 c ordinary silicon cells diode in the подмгничивании.Result expected ,but as the palm.
First, the diode is the direction and not only on the continuity and the effects on the sound.In the schematic field winding it can be переварачивать and verify the ,that in one of his напралений sound less than treat than in the other.
When compared with Ken sound diode more aggressive ,although and more collected,but that the человесеское in voice disappears and the music for a long time does not want to listen to.Experience are very similar to those observed in the transition from direct playback Uzbek music culture at its play Optional via al-Yes.Of course I can only assume( Data Not Enough) but it is silicon as material ,and not decorated the structure of al-Yes creates a feeling of heightened recording we choose ,кординального better sound can be expected only when creating микролампового al-DA converter.
With respect, Anatoly Лихницкий

In addressing the issue I одновтеменно decided and several world.
I have the coil подмагничивающие Klang and RF сиеменс speakers were included in series. In рзультате tweeter speaker not 3 God hath delivered into your hands on the sensitivity of the .Потребогвалось increase the voltage at coil RF -speaker .There are two options :
1. Shunt Кланговскую coil resistor.
2. To make an independent source of bias for the tweeter speaker.
I went to the second path ,because the inclusion of the resistor unit immediately poorly affect the sound. A sound Klang I do not deface ,therefore proceeded immediately to manufacture a separate source.
Безтрансформаторная diagram is not ,as required voltage 30 V.
It is not and the cost of the condenser in 2 of the ICF would include the 1000 690091 .Yes and кенотрон when voltage is 30 in is not effective.
So that it had to apply the Soviet silicon diode ,( probably need was to find and plug Germanies, but it was not) .
So here is the sensitivity of the RF speaker to changes in connection field winding is the same crazy and the Кланге.so that all in the palm of your .
This is what I watched , without the special efforts and without doubt:
Power train Брюлевский TRANS 50 cases defeat Сиеменс 40.
Electrolytes Rubens 50. overcame Сиеменс 30.
The power cord old (do not know the origin ) Sayeed Tahir Shah and Farid Azami were Monster Кейблом.( incidentally Anton demanded ,that I would anywhere Vast vibrating with Констер Кабле,as well as he I have is in the network of the headlight beam adjustment and мощника.)
I do not want to say that I denied a new dogma -than over the wire element the better, but исклюсчения from this rule I hear very often.
I tried all разетки in the room and each in different colors the sound.Horror!!!!!
And yet ,must say,clearly and the wires and capacitors and rations, etc. Balloons Design Company can only spoil the sound .This is stated at the time of the power off field winding.

My final version :
Безтрансформаторное coil power field winding speaker Klangfilm . 
The nominal voltage 250 IN / current 60 MA.
In connection with the fact that I have reduced the resonance frequency of the mobile system Klang and the same open box I picked up to listen to the optimum supply voltage bias 200 in the .
Straighten the network однополупериодное ,via one anode кенотрона RGN4004. No throttle – only the capacitor 5 µf old, firms Bosch (бумагомаслянный), is parallel to the Field Winding Coil.
Высокочастотник firm Siemens 10 cm 
Is powered from the однополупериодного rectifier on германиевом diode CC (1952 of release) parallel to the field winding coil is enabled electrolytic capacitor firms this 1000 690091\100 In( 1950 of release).To set the correct voltage used buck transformer firms B&K (1950, Release).Select voltage shifting the coils of the completed by listening.
With respect , Anatoly Лихницкий



Summarizing the experience of Anatoly Markovic,the basic principle of the power supply field winding coil can be formulated so:maximum ease the power supply unit and the minimum number of parts of the high audio quality.And now proceed to the practical part.


All the speakers on the подмагничивании conditionally can be divided into three groups:

1.ht,with a voltage excitation 200-300and a current consumption up to 100ma,to this group include almost all speakers at подмагничивании (magnetisation),issued firm клангфилм (Klangfilm) for professional asked.The most known among them this woofer 44022 and 42006 широкополосник (broadband).The Instrumentation speakers also include many American loudspeakers Jensen,Magnavox,AW,installed in radios,console радиолы (radios),электроорганы (electric organs) and amps.


For such speakers better power diagram is a direct connection to the rectifier network,without intermediate transformer.Even the best transformer a feeling of pollution of the sound and reduce clarity.Rectifier element кенотрон,it must be so good,how much you can afford to.Однополупериодное straightening,накальный transformer and high quality of the condenser,defines not only the level of pulsation,but and voltage on the coil to the field winding.It is desirable to use бумаго-Oil capacitors,by selecting the typical and type by отслушивания.

2.the speakers with the voltage of the excitation in 70-150,i.e. much less than can be obtained when the ОППВ straightening voltage network,with shock consumption up to 100ma,very rarely to 150MA(speakers from the famous телефункеновских dual-band radios higher class of 7001 and 8001 consume current  160ma).



To this group is most European speakers,installed in incandescent radios and console.For example,virtually all of the “household” speakers Siemens concern(Siemens,ON,телефункен) are the supply voltage from 70 to 100i experienced by me was determined that the best result is achieved when the power of such speakers from the autotransformer group.as such can be used  enjoy Internet access equipment seized from the computers radios.Most European defendants are the primary (network)coil breakouts,to connect to the network 110,120,150,220,240I first two outlet повзоляют breed of improvised the autotransformer group the majority of speakers телефункен with voltage excitation 70-100i currents of consumption is usually small and permit the use of кенотронов.for currents up to 100ma you can recommend одноанодные кенотроны RGN1404,1832 philips,dario,G1404 valvo.for currents up to 150ma and above would be required more powerful rectifiers,type RGN2004,RGN2504,AZ12 mesh,AZ50,AX50 for power supply units extreme quality you can apply the most powerful and expensive European кенотрон RGN4004 telefunken t he same KL77305 klangfilm as well as his version:вальвовский G4004 and филипсовский 1817.

3.the speakers with the voltage of the excitation from 7 to swimming pool and the shock to 1amps.to this group are very rare driver and delivering the Western Electric,as well as some of the Speakers КИНАП,for example inv driver 1A13 and басовики 2A8,with the solenoid 20in/1A.among European speakers low clothes extremely rarely,of the most common is the 4-inch several Precision Power PSC221 phase Siemens and телефункен on подмагничивании(30in/100ma and 45in/70ma)

For such speakers will inevitably use the gear reducer loading capacity -.As a rectifier element in low-voltage TBT are best enjoy Internet access daylight lamps are developed washers,the second place enjoy Internet access amplifiers power diodes type D305.Selenium you can include in the однополупериоде,if necessary, connecting  washers sequentially(reverse voltage selenium does not exceed 20A).When current consumption of the order of a few amps for smoothing the pulsation needed capacitors quite a large capacity,hundreds микрофарад,therefore will inevitably have to use high-electrolytes audio quality,for example surveying,Siemens,in the last resort BG or the modern аудиофильское.


Separately worth mentioning this impasse has direction in the establishment of power supply units for the speakers on the подмагничивании,as sources of current and stabilizers on powerful lamps and transistor.Creation experienced it on the best components showed that the natural sound when different measurement methods it is very severely affected,as well as the clarity decreases significantly.For additional costs to the lamp and the capacitors absolutely not justified.The only task,which has successfully resolved using such TBT,this achievement of the high stability of the current field winding.However, side effect,the sharp deterioration of the sound,outweighs all the advantages of the stabilization of the regime.


Article from the Journal of Space weather 20-s,in which it is proposed the minimalist way to power your speakers!

Photos below blocks field winding,which I collected over the past few years




For the new power supply units had fabricated special “Shamanic Development” socket.In the Square area of the red wood высверил holes and insert the loop wire телефункеновского,relying on directions,all connections with the now we have already customized our working environment and twist together.




Daylight lamps are developed power supply units for Siemens твиттеров on подмагничивании,1939, Release



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