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SW1X ‘Xcalibur’ Horn Loudspeakers

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SW1X Horn Speakers

SW1X ‘Xcalibur’ Horn Loudspeakers

The Xcalibur loudspeakers are genuine acoustically loaded, folded 100% horn design following the same design paramaters of our Lady Pearl Horns made from Granite Epoxy Composite.

The main design goals of the Xcalibur Horns are

  • Single, Full Range Driver of higest Quality, X-overless Design
  • Ultimate Musicality with Absolute Phase Coherance
  • Crystal Clear Transparency
  • Lifelike Dynamics with Ultra Low Distortion Low Frequency Reproduction
  • Ideal Impedance Load, Easy to drive by Low Power, Single Ended, Class A Amplifiers



SW1X Audio Design™ Xcalibur Horn Features:

  • Genuine, acoustically loaded folded Horn design
  • Cross-over-less Design
  • Single 2 in 1 (10″ and 3″ diameter) Fullrange driver with Paper Cone, Cloth Suspension and Solid Wood Phase Plug
  • or 3 in one (9″, 6″ and 3″ diameter) Concentric, Oval Fullrange driver with Paper Cone, Cloth Suspension and Solid Wood Phase Plug
  • Available in 2 versions: with AlNiCo magnet or Field Coil
  • Housed in massive (150kg each) cabinets, every wooden part manufactured from piano instrument grade Birch plywood
  • Fine tuned Cabinet is made with 5-axis CNC machinery for maximum consistency
  • Horn Cabinet is glued throughout, only few metal screws to fix the drivers are employed
  • Internally wired exclusively with our SW1X Magnum, Genesis and Opus Copper or Silver (on request) conductors
  • Mid Horn is Gloss finished in real Shellac, a natural lacquer resin
  • Bass Horn is finished in satin with natural lacquer, rigorously selected for its sound, beauty and durability
  • Non-synthetic lacquer satin finish is standard, other wood finishes are possible on request





Minimum recommended Power Amplifier Output (W): 1

Average Sensitivity (dB/W/m): 100

Minimum Impedance (Ohm): 8

Frequency Response: flat from 50Hz-20kHz

Dimensions: Height (mm) 1250 x Width (mm) 1000 x Depth (mm) 800

Weight (kg): 150 each cabinet


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