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SW1X DAC IV with 6V6G, 6SN7 & 5U4GB

DAC III Balanced S in Production

PRE III Special LPX Line & Phono Pre-Amplifier

PRE III Special Line Pre-Amplifier

LPU II Special MM Phono in Production

Forthcoming DAC II Balanced & AMP I Integrated EL84 SE Tube Amplifier in Development

DAC III BALANCED with Super HiB Double C core Transformers

Decline of the Decades in Audio

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SW1X Aero Cables sound of copper vs silver

The Sound of Copper vs Silver conductors

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Review of SW1X DAC I Active vs Passive I/U by HiFi Advice

Some Reflections on Decadence of Audio

nos r2r dac v high end audio

High End Audio Paradox

What makes SW1X Audio Design sound?

Power Supply SW1X PSU

The quality of computer power supply is of negligible importance! Or is it really?

Informed and Rational Choice


Black gate capacitor

Black Gate Capacitors

Pure Silver vs Silver Plated Copper Wires

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