SW1X Audio Design® Range of Line Pre-Amplifiers

It is all about Quality and not Quantity.


All SW1X Line/Phono Pre-Amplifiers products are made to order, are available on different Performance/Price Levels and specified according to a variety of versions.

SW1X Performance System


The basic functions of a pre-amplifier can be summarised as 1. Controlling Volume & 2. Matching Impedance between a source and power amplifier(s).

Unlike the vast majority of designs which mainly focus on covenience, our design goal focuses not just on transparency but on overall signal integrity.

The signal integrity is not only defined by transparency of signal input to output but also even more importantly its dynamic behaviour in relation to its time.

The dynamic behaviour is adressed by the choice of an optimal circuit design topology such as inductive de-coupling (use of signal OPTs)

and the choice of materials & componets that support and enhance the circuit design.

The most crucial aspects are the signal attenuation (volume control), input selector switch and the conductor quality in the wiring as well as matrials employed in the output stage-

all of which are designed and built in house.

The results speak for themselves: so when the kick drum hits in the recording, the SW1X Pre-Amplifier ensures that the dynamic effect is preserved and is passed on the next amplification stage.

SW1X Stepped Attenuator Volume Control

SW1X Magnum Reference Litz Copper Cable


Level 1

Coming soon

Level 2

SW1X PRE II Line & Phono Pre-Amplifier

Level 3

SW1X PRE III Line & Phono Pre-Amplifier

Level 4

SW1X PRE IV Line Pre-Amplifier

Level 5

SW1X PRE V DHT Line Pre-Amplifier


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