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Digital to Analogue Converter SW1X DAC Spec Sheet

SW1X Audio Design® Range of Digital to Analogue Converters

It is all about Quality and not Quantity.


All SW1X DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) products are available on 6 different Performance/Price Levels and specified according to a variety of versions.

SW1X Performance System

The sound character of our DACs is radically different from any type of a DAC (with tubes or without) on the market.

DACs made by SW1X: The speciality of making great sounding designs

All our DACs are genetically related as they all have Musicality, Organic & Analogue character in their DNA expressed by

  • R2R DACs in Pure Zero-Oversampling Mode, without Manipulation of Digital Domain
  • Elegantly simple Class A, Single Ended, absolutely Zero NFB Valve Output Stages
  • Out-of-the Box, Non-Conventional Engineering Approach to Audio Design
  • Oversized & Over-specified, Quality Power Supplies
  • Quality of Materials & Components

Digital to Analogue Converter DAC X

While all our DACs have Musicality in their DNA, the higher performance level DACs add more Holography, Articulation and Authority to the Presentation



SW1X Audio Design HiFi Reference System Guide

SW1X DAC Specifications

SW1X Digital to Analogue Converter DAC Spec Sheet

SW1X Digital to Analogue Converter DAC Spec Sheet



Level 1


Level 2


SW1X DAC II Balanced

Level 3

SW1X DAC III – The Legendary Classic

SW1X DAC III Balanced


Level 4


Level 5



In order to unleash maximum musicality and analogue character of our DAC products, they should be ideally combined with a VDT digital source product

Digital Transport Product Overview

HiFi DACs – A Comprehensive List

SW1X Audio Design Philosophy


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