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SW1X Audio Design™ DAC IV

Performance Level 4
6V6 Power Valve Digital to Analogue Converter


DAC IV is a further development in musical scale & refinement of the already magical sounding DAC III powered by Power Output Valves and Directly Heated Diodes (DHD) in the power supply. The DHD Valve power supplies are 2 x choke filtered and quasi dual mono in design. Accomodating everything in one chassis without interference of magnetic fields proved to be a real challenge but having everything housed  in one chassis with much shorter signal paths turned out to be very rewarding in the end.

The sonic presentation of the DAC IV Special is a another step up relative to the DAC III; its presentation of music is more mature and is on a larger scale. The transients are presented with a great dynamic bite, making it probably the most dynamic DAC currently in production. In a right setup, the illusion of vocalists performing in front of us and the dynamic impact of instruments appearing so real it becomes scary at times. Classic & Signature versions of the DAC IV with silver wound OPTs is limited in availability and is available on custom built to order basis only.

SW1X Audio Design™ DAC IV Features:

  • Pure NOS (Non oversampling – zero digital domain filtering) R2R Design
  • Specially Selected and Harmonically Matched Component & Material Quality
  • Directly Heated Double Diode tube rectified C2xLC (2 x choke filtered) quasi dual mono power supply
  • Anode Choke loaded or Signal Output Transformer De-coupled, Zero NFB, Triode Valve Output Stage
  • SW1X Audio DesignCustom Designed Copper wound Super HiB DC core Chokes or Signal Output Transformers
  • Discrete Transistor Shunt Regulated Low Voltage Power Supplies
  • Orient grain M6 EI core mains Transformers & Chokes


Specially Selected and Harmonically Matched Component & Material Quality

  • Specially treated SW1X Audio Design 80% Nickel Mumetal Core Intefrace Transformer
  • SW1X Audio Designall Copper (Copper/Silver {Classic} or all Silver {Signature}) wound M6 EI core, Super HiB or Ultra HiB DC core Signal OPT
  • M6 grain orient EI core Mains Transformers & Chokes (SHiB double C-core available as an option)
  • Black Gate de-coupling Capacitors for TDA1541 DAC
  • Internally wired exclusively with our SW1X Magnum, Genesis and Opus conductors of various geometry (single strand or Litz)
  • AN Copper Foil in Oil (or Silver foil on request) interstage Signal de-coupling Capacitors
  • AB 2W non-magnetic Carbon film Resistors


Tube Compliment:  1 x 6SL7/6SN7 (Passive I/V) or 2 x 6J5 (Active I/V), 2 x 6V6, 1 x 5U4G


DAC IV is avaiable in 4 Versions with either Satin Silver or Matte Black front Panels

with a following output transformer (OPTs) specifications:

  • Standard : SW1X Audio Design all Copper wound, orient grain M6 EI Core OPTs
  • Special :  SW1X Audio Designall Copper wound Super HiB DC Core OPTs
  • Classic : SW1X Audio DesignCopper/Silver Windings, Super HiB DC Core OPTs
  • Signature : SW1X Audio Design™ Silver/Silver Windings, Super HiB DC Core OPTs


SW1X Audio Transformers


DAC IV is available in matte Black or satin Silver front fascia and following top panel options:

  • Aluminum anodized in satin Silver or Black finish (standard)
  • Brushed Brass (yellow glow)
  • Brushed Pure Copper (orange glow)
  • Paint Finishes any of the ones stated below:

a) satin Audi Metallic Grey

b) gloss Gunmetal Black

c) gloss Porsche Guards Red

d) Black-Silver Hammered Vintage Paint finish

or any automotive paint on special request



Optional Extras:

  • Fully Hardwired Tube Output Stage on the Bakelite Board
  • Fine Silver wiring on the Input, Bakelite Board and Output
  • Super HiB double C-Core mains transformers for the digital and DHT/DHD power supplies
  • TDA1541R Selected or optional TDA1541A S1 or S2 Selected Crown version
  • Silver Foil capacitors Inter-stage signal de-coupling capacitors
sw1x dac iv review

Read DAC IV SPX Review from Grover Neville at INDULGR

Note: Due to SW1X Audio Design’s ongoing research and development process, specifications are subject to change without notice.


Dimensions: Height (mm) 250 x Width (mm) 450 x Depth (mm) 410

Weight (kg): 20

Max Power Consumption (W): 80

Output Noise, Unweighted (mVrms): < 0.5

Output Impedance (Ohms): <100


Digital Transport Product Overview

DACs made by SW1X: The speciality of making great sounding designs


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