SW1X Audio Design™ DAC III Std Performance Level 3 D to A Converter


Re-experience the legendary classic TDA1541 DAC powered by valves at its full glory, re-incarnated by SW1X Audio Design™.

Performance level 3 DAC III Standard version with Audio Note Kaisei and Philips capacitors wherever possible and the finest materials everywhere.

DAC III builds upon the refinement of the SW1X DAC II and adds additional level of organic & analogue envelope to the sound.  The sonic character becomes indistinguishable from analogue playback when combined with analogue sounding digital transport. Signature version of the DAC III is available on custom built to order basis only.



SW1X Audio Design™ DAC III Features:

  • Specially selected and harmonically matched component & material quality
  • NOS (Non oversampling –zero digital domain filtering) design
  • Based on 1x TDA1541 – the most analogue sounding DAC chip ever made directly connected to CS8414 S/PDIF receiver
  • Dynamic Element Matching (DEM) of the TDA1541 is driven by an asynchronous EF180 valve clock with EAA91 valve rectified power supply
  • Active I/V conversion via a single specially selected Silicium (or Germanium on request) transistor (with less than 10 Ohm input impedance) with the shortest signal path directly connected to the tube grid
  • Anode follower, zero feedback, 6N6P double triode valve output stage
  • Output stage signal decoupling capacitor options a) Bosch PIO or b)  Jensen/ Audio Note Copper Foil in Oil capacitors
  • 5C4S tube rectified CLC (choke filtered) tube output stage power supply
  • Custom Germanium transistor based shunt voltage regulated power supplies for the TDA1541 and active I/V conversion
  • Supports 24Bit/96kHz digital coaxial S/PDIF signal input
  • 110/115/230/240V AC mains transformers


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Dimensions: Height (mm) 150 x Width (mm) 440 x Depth (mm) 400

Weight (kg): 15.6

Max Power Consumption (W): 23

Output Noise, Unweighted (mVrms): < 0.5

Output Impedance (Ohms): <500

Tube Compliment:  5C4S, 6N6P, EC86, EAA91


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We do not recommend purchasing a key system component without first auditioning it carefully, which is why we have demonstration rooms and a flexible home loan policy.

However in certain situations it can be difficult for people to get to our showroom and for those instances we can offer our mail order service.

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